Isn’t it Time to Take Growth Seriously?
Business Model Innovation Workshop

This is an exciting and fast-paced learning experience that focuses on how to leverage the business model to generate profitable growth. In two days participants learn to :

+ Generate business models using the latest deisgn tools

+ Assess the strengths and weakness of business model designs

+ Identify opportunities for business model innovation

+ Exploit opportunities to maximize growth potential

Project-based Training

Should you ever outsource your innovation capabilities to external consultants? Of course not. You want to drive innovation within. However, to do this, the workforce needs to have the capabilities. But you also don’t want innovation training that never goes anywhere. Our project-based training approach rapidly develops workforce capabilities while engaging in an innovation project. Consulting and coaching are integrated into the process for maximum knowledge transfer and project ROI.

Value Exchange Mapping Software

Check out the latest business modeling tool: the Value Exchange Map. Get the VEM icons and start modeling today.


Need to kick-off an innovation project, but don’t know where the gaps are in your capabilities? We can help.


The aim of our research is to create tools and methods to help you innovate better. See what you’ve been missing.